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Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving!!


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Caring /Compassion


We understand that this is difficult time for everyone. It is a very challenging time in medicine. During this time, we all have to support each other stay safe and well.
Towards that effort, we are offering telephone and video consultations for patients. These visits provide you health care and advise in the comfort and safety of your home, without the need to come to doctor's office. This is an invaluable service! Please share this with your friends and family. We hope you stay well yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take a moment to express my Gratitude to all our patients. Thank you for being our patients and giving us an opportunity to be part of your life and your health. We always try our best. Thanks for your trust in us. Thanks for your referrals because it helps our practice grow. We wish you Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family!! Please take the time to enjoy the holidays. If you need anything from us, please feel free to contact us at 209 839 9020 for assistance. We appreciate you choosing us to be your health care provider. 


As the end of year and Thanksgiving holiday approaches, one has to stop and think about many blessings bestowed on us throughout this year. I know this year I moved into a new place of my own on North Tracy Blvd. I love the new location and so do my patients! I am continuing to build the practice with our motto- Caring, Compassion, and Service. I have seen the trust and love that I have received from my patients. On this Thanksgiving 2015, I wanted to say a big "Thank you" to all my patients who have continued to refer their friends and family to my practice.

Appointments open on Mondays starting Aug 2015!

Starting Aug 2015, clinic will be open on Monday mornings as well! We are expanding our hours to make more appointments available per our patients request. Please feel free to call 209-839-9020 and we will do our best to get you seen at the earliest. Please feel free to refer friends and family. We are still accepting new patients. With your referrals for which we are grateful, the clinic is continuing to grow. We are always committed to our motto" Caring, Compassion, and Service". Thanks so much!

Some yelp reviews...from patients of mine

Yelp Reviews: Thanks to everyone who put in a review!!!
Dr Sachdeva  has been my doctor for over 4 years.  She is a great listener and takes the time to answer all your questions and concerns.  The best part about Dr Sachdeva is that she cares about you and wants you to live a healthy life.
I have many ailments at a young age and she helps me live with them but also not have them rule my life.  She is also very reasonably priced and if you do not have insurance give her a call she probably can help.

Recent Event

My dad recently had  knee replacement surgery, followed by several complicatons. He is 72yr old and is finally stabiizing. It was a very difficult week. I realized that the most thing that made the difference for me during my dad's hospitalization was "caring"that nurses/doctors showed for him and for family. Caring is the rock from which everything good happens. If a doctor cares, they go to great length to provide good care for their patient. If nurses care, they answer call lights and keep patience with all the hard work they do.
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