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     Satvinder Sachdeva MD. I focus on the entire person rather than just treating symptoms. I will talk to you regarding your health care concerns and goals, so we are on the same page with treatment. Communication between the doctor and patient are the key to your health!

     Care at our Internal medicine clinic includes annual physical exams and the ongoing diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic health care conditions. Among the things I specialize in include Diabetes, High blood pressure, and Cholesterol management. I also treat upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, depression, and other health related conditions.

We are now accepting patients who have No Insurance, Medi-Cal, MediCare or Health Plan of San Joaquin. If you have these insurances, before you make an appointment, please note that we are not contracted with these insurances and we do not bill them either. Patients with these insurances are responsible for the cost of their office visits with the doctor. We do offer something called Direct Primary care (DPC) for patients with these insurances.You can inquire us about DPC after your first visit. If you are looking for good health care at an affordable cost, this could be for you. With DPC, patient pays directly to physician for primary care services per month. This plan can also be especially helpful to those with High Deductible Insurance plans. We can though bill the high deductible insurance if you have a high deductible insurance plan, so that it helps decrease your deductible over time. However, please note again that we do not bill MediCare, Medi-cal, or Health Plan of San Joaquin at all. We are not contracted with these insurances. Your labs usually can be covered through your insurance plan based on your contract with them. We can order the labs if needed. In best scenerio, you would only pay for your office visits or on per month basis whichever you decide works for you. And you get excellent health care!

     Starting charges for Direct Primary Care are at $45 per month for our primary care services. The charges are done on recurring basis taken out on 1st of every month. At office visit, patient pays only a copay of $10. Services are on month to month basis. If you let us know 30 days ahead, we can stop your monthly payments.

     Patient can use Medicare, Medi-Cal, Health Plan of San Joaquin or Insurance for x-rays, labs, and seeing specialists if needed.

We do however strongly recommend that all our direct primary care patients have some back up insurances like Medi-Cal, Health Plan of San Joaquin, Medicare or High deductible insurance plans for catastrophic coverage in case needed. We have a contract that explains this further.

     If you have any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to sit down with you and explain how this great plan can help you get the best health care around! Thanks much

We guarantee patient satisfaction and great service! You will get good quality of care, I promise. Thanks for visiting my website!

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